Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Metal Cannon - Pencil Sharpener

Every so often I'll go into The Cave and pull out and item and have absolutely no clue as to where I got it. Such is the case with this nifty cannon/pencil sharpener. Was it a souvenir? eBay acquisition? junk store find? No clue actually. Anywho, it's neat and it looks just right alongside 54mm figures so why not use it right? Besides the cleverly designed pencil sharpener hidden in the carriage, the breech assembly is spring loaded and I imagine you could fire small projectiles from it. As a cannon, it's definitely a breech loader and reminds me of photos of Whitworth cannons I've seen.  Enjoy! Fritz & Bettina Berg :)


12-Pounder Whitworth Breechloading Rifle

Library of Congress

Richmond, VA Federal soldier guarding cannon. (Modified 12-pdr. breech-loading Whitworth)