Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wm Britains #17380 Civil War Tents

A couple of days ago we posted some pup tents from Wm Britains and today we have their #17380 Civil War Tents. It's funny, but they call the set 'Civil War Tents' - that's 'Tents' with an 's', plural, yet there is clearly only one tent in the box. That being said, it is a really terrific tent. There are two pieces in the box, the main tent and a removable tent pole. The tents has tie-down ropes made with real string and they're pre-attached to the tent and to stakes in the 'ground'. Enjoy!

A comparison shot some of the tents we've covered. L-to-R: Marx, Safari Ltd, Wm Britains, MPC

Like it Deine Gattin Bettina :)   

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