Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2013_07_09 Vegas Valley Big Sky Pics - Carpenter 1 Fire

The Carpenter 1 Fire still draws our attention and I imagine it will do so for days to come. It is now at 20,000 acres and has jumped Kyle Canyon Road. One commercial structure has been destroyed - the first structure loss to be reported so far.  The containment is down to 10% from 15% reported yesterday with more than 800 people working to put out the massive blaze on steep and rocky terrain..  Here's just a few pictures from us.

The first set is from Bettina

If it looks like it's coming straight for us - it is!

I can't imagine this smoke is good for aircraft engines (see the aircraft trying to outrun the plume)

A murky sunset today

From my daughter Shelly

Coming home from work I pulled alongside the road and snapped several photos on my cell phone. The wind had shifted and the afternoon saw the whole north half of the Las Vegas Valley filled with smoke.