Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Toy Company - City Control Polizei Van

This was my last souvenir bought in Germany back in 2002 from Schwinn's Department Store in Selters, Westerwald. By that time I'd already had my beer steins and mugs and countless other stuff so I thought it would be neat to have a Polizei vehicle. One thing I noticed when living over there was that most Polizei vehicles appeared to be Mercedes. This van doesn't appear Mercedes-ish at all, but rather looks Toyata-ish.

The toy is made (or distributed) by an über cleverly named firm called 'The Toy Company'. Originally coming with working lights and sound, the battery has since died and I haven't yet replaced it. The van is die cast and is approx 1/32 scale with opening doors and lift gate and makes a neat addition to the Fire and Emergency vehicle collection. Enjoy!

I forgot to download these this morning when I made the original post - oops!