Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013_08_20 Harvest / Blue Moon (der Blaue Mond)

On the one hand, last night's Harvest, or Blue, Moon (der Blaue Mond) was quite a challenge to capture. On the other hand, the predominance of clouds actually gave us some really cool shots and Bettina and I are really quite pleased overall with what we managed to capture. We're still learning the ins-&-outs of this FujiFilm camera, playing with the settings and such but we ended up getting some nice night shots. This time around instead of showing one still and one .gif, I thought it would be neat to show some progression of the wolken as they waft past Der Mond. I'm thinkin' that if I have enough oomph this year and do some kind of Halloween diorama or set-up, that some of these pics might be good backgrounds. Anywho, Enjoy!