Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Handmade Tole Painted Dollhouse Dresser

Up until now the toys I've been posting here on Toys & Stuff have all been, understandably, boys toys, but having had two girls you can bet we managed to acquire a few girls toys as well. There's not a whole heck of a lot of their toys left to post though as most of them are long since gone but perhaps we can find enough around here for a post or two in the upcoming months.

I mentioned that most of the kid's toys are gone and today's toy is one of them. It was bought for the lone dollhouse I had built for them but, as they say 'timing is everything' and they were already too old to play with the dollhouse. This dresser sat around for years before I finally sold it on fleaBay. We bought this at a small crafts mall here in Vegas for a few bucks and I thought it was a nice little piece of hand-made tole painting, which Bettina and I personally are big fans of. The doors on it are non-functional being there for show only. I'm not familiar with the actual type of dresser shown as it is deliberately built without a mirror, having instead a bar which I assume would have been used to hang either clothes or linen on had it been a real life, full-size piece of furniture. It's a nice little piece and we hope you - Enjoy!