Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Marx #3771 Diner - Yellow w/Green roof

This is the last of the Marx #3771 Diner color combinations that I have. There are five color combinations that I know of, three have already been posted plus today's version, plus a gray and red version which I don't have.

-Green walls w/yellow roof and trim (posted 29 Jan 2013)
-Red walls w/gray roof and trim (posted 30 May 2013)
-Silver walls w/red roof and trim (posted 30 Jul 2013)
-Light gray walls w/red roof and trim (not in my collection)

All diners included the Police and Fire Station Accessories group (PL 543 mold group) (red or yellow, HP): (NOTE: The rear of the box shows nine accessories but the mold group consisted of ten and it is safe to assume all ten were included.  This has been confirmed through multiple eBay sales):
1.   Lamp post
2.   Street sign
3.   Parking meter
4.   Police call box
5.   Mail box
6.   ‘FIRE ZONE’ sign
7.   ‘STOP’ sign
8.   Trash can
9.   Bench
10   Fire hydrant

Figures included were (35mm, cream SP):
1.   Man wearing overalls
2.   Milkman
3.   Woman w/attached child
4.   Boy roller skating
5.   Girl jumping rope


Window/door silhouettes on back side