Saturday, August 10, 2013

2013_08_10 Moon - Venus Rendezvous

Tonight was a better night for capturing the night time meanderings of the Moon and Venus. We got out there earlier and had time to set up the camera and goof around with the settings. I ended up using the aperture priority setting using the largest f-stop opening I could which was about f2.4 or sumthin' around there. Now, I don't pretend to know anything about Astronomy but even with the light pollution of the city, on a cloudless night like tonight I was able to discern the Big Dipper - cool! I tried to get pics of it but our camera just isn't sensitive enough to capture the faint glow from those stars. Bettina managed to get off some nice shots of the Moon and I was able to capture both the Moon and Venus so this is what we ended up getting - Enjoy!

From Bettina 7:44PM EST

7:55PM EST

From me: 8:18PM EST

Beautiful Bettina Likes This Pictures :)