Tuesday, August 6, 2013

2013_08_05 & Morning of 06 Vegas Valley Big Sky Pics

People who live in cloudy climates know how depressing it can be to look out your window and be greeted with another day of - clouds! But there is a reverse effect as well as too much sun can be depressing in its own right. It's funny but too much of the same kind of weather can be down heartening and that's why here in Vegas it's always great to have some cloudy days. Besides, for me at least, a clear blue sky is boring as all get-up-and-go. Ya point the camera skyward, take a picture and whaddaya get? Blue, nuthin' but blue - boring! So last night Bettina managed to capture some more nice cloudy sunset action and this morning we had some pretty cool cloud formations roll through. Enjoy!

From last night, August 5, 2013. First a still, and then a .gif


From this morning