Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ertl 1992 #2481 'Batman Returns' Batman

I'm finally getting around to showing the figures that were made by Ertl for 'Batman Returns'. I had already blogged the Batmissile (Mattel Hot Wheels re-issue), The Penguin Duck (Mattel Hot Wheels re-issue), and the Batskiboat (original Ertl issue) that was part of the 4-vehicle set - but I'm still missing the Batmobile from this series :-(

The 4-figure set includes Batman, Catwoman, Penguin Commando, and The Penguin all done as diecast metal figures. Batman measures 2" (5cm) tall and all the figures are much closer to 54mm (1/32 scale) than they are to the scale of the vehicles which is anywhere from 1/50 - 1/64 scale. The sculpting is nice and the detailing well done and I do like that this Batman is in somewhat of an action pose - the only figure of the series to be shown in something other than 'portrait' mode. Enjoy!