Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Marx XF-91 Thunderceptor - Yellow HP

Back on Mar 7, 2012 I posted a green hard plastic (HP) version of this aircraft and initially called it a 'Marx Ugly Jet' not knowing exactly what it was. A reader kindly informed me that it was an XF-91 Thunderceptor. Identifying toy airplanes can sometimes be difficult as toy companies didn't always identify what the airplane was - such as on the Marx Cutlass posted last week -  on the aircraft and occasionally when they did identify it they were way off base! Lately I've been taking photos of my aircraft and found this yellow HP version among them. I've also been trying desperately to identify some of them but quite frankly many toy airplanes are quite simply the product of the toy makers art and merely fantasy creations. In any case, let's look at this brightly colored Marx XF-91 Thunderceptor - Enjoy!