Wednesday, November 21, 2018

In Memorium - Thor Sheil

The hobby lost one of its good guys this week. Thor Sheil died of complications from heart surgery this past Monday. For those of you who are into toy trains and Little Green Army Men - as seen mostly here on Toys and Stuff - Thor was one of the inspirational people one comes across far too little nowadays. His 'All Gauge Page and Army Men Homepage' blog is one of those sites featured in the right pane of this blog. In addition, his website, the "All Gauge Page" has been providing inspiration to train modelers of all gauges for many years. He ran the 'Army Man Homepage', and 'All Gauge Railroading' groups on facebook and was an admin for other groups. His personal style was to uplift and inspire, not downplay or denigrate. We all have our own way of enjoying our hobbies and his philosophy was basically, if you're having fun, you're doing it right. No brand name snobbery, no scale-vs. toy put downs. You play your way, I play my way and if we're having fun then that's all that counts. He designed probably hundreds of toy and model train track plans for use in all scales although HO and O-gauge were his favorites. On another note, being of Viking descent he was dedicated to the myth and wonder of the Old Norse Gods and was a student of the Age of Vikings. Opa  Fritz and Oma Bettina

R.I.P Thor Sheil, Valhalla Awaits


  1. Sad news indeed, his was one of the first websites I found back in the day, and like me he didn't discriminate between domestic 'brands' and Hong Kong's army of knock-off 'Army Men', and if he didn't invent the term he certainly popularised it.

    Thoughts to his loved ones and a hope the site stays up for a while....


    1. He was a really good guy so full of information and willing to share it. The phrase 'he'll be missed' holds very true in Thor's case.