Sunday, April 21, 2024

Lido Spacemen and A New Series

Well folks, it looks like imma gonna start a new series! Hot on the heels of the Lido Spaceship series we're going to look at their spacemen and aliens, THEN we're going to segue into other makers. I've been gathering spacemen and alien figures for years now in an on-again-off-again fashion as whim and funds dictate, however, it's been four years since my last concerted posting efforts and I got a bug up my keester to do some more! 😀

Lido apparently made four separate series of figures:

-90mm "Futuremen" hard plastic figures sold in boxed in sets starting in 1953

-50mm hard plastic alien and spaceman figures made for T. Cohn's Captain Video Spaceport playset 1952

-35mm soft plastic alien and spaceman figures made as cereal premiums for a variety of cereals mid-'50s to '60s

-"Ringheaded" Spacemen

In addition, they either provided the molds or made figures available specifically to be used as cake toppers or decorations.

It should be noted that I do not have examples of all the figures Lido made, but I can present about 98% of them. If I acquire more, then those can be posted later.

The 90mm "Futuremen" series came out about 1953 and were offered - from what I can gather - primarily in boxed sets. There were four figures:

-Tobor the Robot (as stated in BLAST OFF! Rockets, Robots, Ray Guns, and Rarities from The Golden Age of Space Toys! by S. Mark Young, Steve Duin, and Mike Richardson). Tobor first appeared in a 1953 episode of Captain Video and His Space Rangers titled "I, Tobor" written by Isaac Asimov. (The robot was played by 7'6" Dave Ballard. BTW, in 1954 a full production movie titled Tobor The Great was released by Republic).

-Captain Video

-2 additional spacemen

The three spacemen came with 'square' helmets - aka, the base of the helmet was square while the top was a dome. Helmets made by toy companies of this era often times shrink. If they were stored off of the figure they would often times become too tight to be worn by the spaceman. If the helmet was kept on, it actually molded itself around the figures head and cannot be pulled off without cutting!

Courtesy Toy Soldier HQ
Note: The robot is incorrectly attributed as 'Grag" - Tobor was the name of the robot as it appeared in the Captain Video episodes.

We'll start with the individual photo essays in our next post. Enjoy! Opa Fritz

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Playing With My Lido Spaceships, A Temporary 'Diorama' - Pt 2 Final

This brings to an end the Lido spaceship series. Next I'll be covering the various Lido spacemen and alien's, followed by figures from other manufacturers. Enjoy! Opa Fritz

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Back to Hogwarts: LEGO Set No. 76408 2 Grimmauld Place - Pt 2 The Interior

Here in Part 2 of my LEGO 2 Grimmauld Place build, we take a look at the interior rooms in all their glory. LEGO really knows how to put detail into these kits just using a bunch of bricks and oddly shaped pieces. I luv it! Enjoy! Opa Fritz

LEGO included 10 mini-figs with this set. There would have been several more characters as seen in the movies but you'll just have to buy those separately.
Harry Potter
Sirius Black
Fred and George Weasley
Ron Weasley
Molly Weasley
Nymphadora Tonks
Kingsley Shacklebolt

The interior sans figures

The interior with figures in-place

Let's start on the roof and work our way down. Ron is laughing whilst Fred and George are messing with the listening ear

The third floor has a non-descript room flanked by two bedrooms.
As there is no furniture included, the middle room could be anything.

Bats in the belfry - wonderful touch that!

Skulls? hmmmmm

The middle floor has a music room flanked by a sitting room and parlor

The piano is a nice touch.

The Black family tree is a great feature

The bottom floor has the kitchen flanked by Kreature's closet and a store room

Kreature's closet

A stove, pots, pans, drinking cups and glasses, shelves - a cozy kitchen to enjoy some butter beer

The Weasley twins are being nosey!

Playing With My Lido Spaceships, A Temporary 'Diorama' - Pt 1

Soooo, the past week or so, I've been out in The Cave trying to track down and photograph all of my spacemen. It started when I was trying to find all the Lido stuff to continue with the Lido space theme. However, I was very surprised to see how many spacemen and alien figures had accumulated over the years that weren't photographed or catalogued. I s'pose these will be the nexus for the next series here on the blog!

But first, here's a temporary 'diorama' or set-up I did using some of the Lido spaceships and figures I re-discovered. I'll post photos from this set-up over the next few days and that will allow me to edit some of the gazillion photos I've taken . Enjoy! Opa Fritz

Here's the very simple  set-up I used. The backdrop is a painting I did years ago and have used in countless photo set-ups. The vacu-formed crater is from a Tri-ang Spacex set. Those small hills came from a trade I made with a fellow facebooker, and then there are the Lido spaceships and figures.

Getting the camera down low, then cropping, and adjusting for contrast and color and voila' - instant space diorama!

Who could that be in the mysterious red spaceship in the distance?
(The red spaceship is a Helen of Toy piece - which we'll eventually cover)

A stranger appears
Lido spaceship and Lido 35mm figures

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Back to Hogwarts: LEGO Set No. 76408 2 Grimmauld Place - Pt 1

I think the coolest Christmas present I've received in a long time has to be this Harry Potter '2 Grimmauld Place' LEGO set. 2 Grimmauld Place is, of course, where the Order of The Phoenix meet and was Sirius Black's house until he handed it over to The Order to use as their safe house. The house is enchanted such that when a Muggle looks at it from the street it appears to be a two-wide townhouse, but when members of The Order want to enter, it opens up to a 3-wide house. The LEGO kit is cleverly designed to mimic this feature, and it too appears to be a two-wide house until opened. Another nice feature is the inclusion of TEN of the film's character's in this set (okay, well, one is a animal but he counts!). There were so many character's in the books/films you'll just have have to buy the additional figures on your own.

Once I started the build, it took me about 5 hours or so to complete, and I have to say that once started, I couldn't stop until the build was done! Lordy, imma lovin' these LEGO kits! 😆 Enjoy! Opa Fritz

I love the LEGO instruction manuals - large, clear concise drawings of all the parts and assembly steps.

It's 28 December and my daughter has caught the old fart building his LEGO set! 😁

I didn't take in-progress photos so here we have the completed house. Interior photos with all the characters will be in Part 2.

It measures: 10.25"(26.03cm) H to the top of the building (not to the antenna)
Closed: 6.25" (15.87cm)  W x 6.5" (16.51cm) D
Open: 10.75" (27.30cm) W x 4.75" (12.06cm) D

Here we see what the house looks like as a two-wide townhouse.

All the figures are squeezed in there someplace.

Pulling on the lamp posts on either side starts to open up the house.

It's opn, but further pulling will allow the middle section to slide forward until it is flush with the houses on either side.

...and here ya go, all three houses are in place

ahhh, that's it, a bit more breathing room.

More detailed interior photos will be in Part 2