Monday, June 4, 2012

Marx #4625 Action Cape Kennedy Carry-All Playset

Today on Toys & Stuff we're featuring the Marx #4625 Action Cape Kennedy Carry-all playset. This marks a departure from our normal modus operandi in that we have the entire playset! The Cape Kennedy Carry-all playset featured here came out in 1968. By 1968 Marx started down-sizing its playsets and putting them in tin-litho carry-alls. The basic concept isn't really far-fetched. Put the toys in a sort of metal attache-like case so that little Johnny can take the toys over to Bobby's and play. Except for the case itself, there was nothing new and special about the sets themselves. The case measures:

Closed: 12 3/4" (32.4cm) D x 18 7/8" (47.9cm) W x 4 1/2" (11.4cm) H
Open: 18 7/8" (47.9cm) W x 29 1/2" (74.9cm) L  x 4 1/2" (11.4cm) H

When opened, it reveals a detailed play area with a really cheap vacu-formed row of buildings at one end. This set includes the following:

- Helicopter w/winchin blue soft plastic
- 3-piece Mercury style capsule in red soft plastic and astronaut
- American flag w/flagple & stand
- Truck group in red soft plastic sonsisting of:
   2 identical cabs
   trailer with hoses
   fuel tanker
   rocket transport trailer
- 3 Vertical rocket launchers w/3 2-piece rockets (my set is missing one of the launchers)
- Atlas gantry and Atlas rocket
- 16 piece Scientist and Technician group in cream soft plastic:
  2ea crouched w/wrench
  2ea in emergency suits holding hose at ready
  2ea standing w/Geiger counters
  2ea in emergency suits standing w/Co2 tank
  2ea wearing hard hats, standing, looking skyward and pointing
  1ea wearing hard hat, standing, looking skyward and waving
  1ea wearing hard hat, standing looking straight ahead but pointing skyward
  1ea in emergency suit pulling hose
  1ea in emergency suit holding fire extinguisher
  1ea officer in garrison chat w/hands behind back
  1ea Astronaut
- Instruction sheet

Ends (when case is closed)

Inside of open case

One launcher is missing

My instructions are repo