Thursday, July 31, 2014

Banner Tractor - Blue HP

I thought I had posted this nifty '50s tractor by Banner back when the blog was started but I couldn't find it listed in my spreadsheet or by searching the blog. If it does in fact turn out to be a double post sorry! That being said w'eve been trying to cover some of these nice old toy vehicles from the '50s and '60s lately and me personally, I've had fun trying to remember if I had any of these as a kid. When it comes to the Banner toys quite frankly I just don't recall having these as a kid but I'm having fun getting them now. I hope to have some Processed Plastic cars and trucks ready to post before long as well as the complete American Dimestore series of cars and trucks which came out in 2005. Granted, toys from 2005 are not vintage but they were based on popular toy designs of the '50s so they have a distinct vintage 'feel' to them. Okay, let's take a look our Banner tractor in blue hard plastic (HP) from the early 1950s. Enjoy! Fritz and Bettina Berg

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Las Vegas NV, 30 Juli 2014 Wetter Fotos

Viele Gruesse aus
Las Vegas NV, 30 Juli 2014  Wetter Fotos Hoffe gefaellt euch allen .Seit alle schoen gegruesst  Bettina & Fritz :)

Americana Dunker Church Revisited

Exactly a week ago on the 23rd I posted Americana's Dunker Church and voiced my frustration at its assembly instructions being incorrect, and my failing to catch the error when building the church. I was a little hesitant in taking it apart and re-assembling because, quite frankly, I'm a bit of a klutz! Fortunately my fumble fingers needn't have worried as the church came apart and reassembled without problems. So, here's the church assembled the correct way. Enjoy! Fritz and Bettina Berg

Let's call this the 'front' door. I honestly don't know if that's historically correct but will help us in our explanation

The instructions clearly show the end wall with door is placed to the right of the front door

This photo taken just after the battle clearly shows the end wall door to the left of the front door

Library of Congress

Okay, I feel better now - the end wall door has been successfully relocated!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kinder Surprise Egg Tecnatures - Pt4 Rotori Apache and Streamlein

Okay, here's the last two of our Kinder Egg Tecnature figures, Rotori Apache and Streamlein. Again, I'm not gonna try and over think the whole toy making process and simply chalk this entire set up to toy maker fantasy and the need to constantly come up with something, anything, that will fill those little plastic Kinder Eggs. Overall I like the set and I'm gonna see if they can be worked into some fun photos from time to time. Enjoy! Fritz and Bettina Berg

Rotori Apache


Class Photo

(all right kids - say 'cheese')