Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kellogg's UK Paper Village Pt 6 - Filling Station & Village Church - Last Part


Well, am I red-faced. One of our reader's - John - pointed out that a page was missing!! Whoa!

Last year, when I posted this series there was supposed to be a post on May 12 and it was supposed to be Part 5 with a scan of more of the Church pieces plus a couple of the pieces for the Filling (or Petrol) Station.  I have it listed on my spreadsheet but it is not in blogger!!! My apologies for those who have been searching for the miissing pieces. Here's the missing sheet. P.S., don't feel shy about contacting me should there be something amiss, or if there's more information to be added. I'll be more than happy to update the record. After all, I am trying to present as complete a visual record as I can but sometimes things fall through the crack.  Many Thanx John for the help.

- Ed

Today we wrap up the first sheet of the the 3-sheet Kellogg's UK Paper Village. The last page of this sheet contains the final artwork for both J.S. Winch and Sons Filling Station as well as the Village Church. Enjoy!