Saturday, September 26, 2020

TRAIN TIME: Joy Line and Prewar American Flyer Trains on the Tinplate Layout

The old portion of what used to be my Marxville and Plateau train layout had, once again, become overrun with clutter. The old layout board is 'L' shaped and I have been running trains on on one leg of that 'L'. That leg is what I've begun to call the Tinplate Layout - at least for now - because as you'll see in coming installments, I've ended up with four layouts in The Cave and have to figure out a way to differentiate between them. Enjoy! Opa Fritz

I had featured this clockwork Joy Line train before but it was missing the obcservation car. I was able to latch on to one at a reasonable price and gave it another spin around town.

One of the consistent themes this year out in The Cave, has been the running of Milwaukee Road trains. I've run Marx, Lionel, and now American Flyer Prewar O-gauge trains all with Milwaukee Road cars. This American Flyer Prewar set features:
 -the #1201 Box Cab Electric
-American Flyer Lines RPO car
-Chicago, Milwaukee, & St Paul Ry Coach
-American Flyer Lines Observation

This AF train is nearly identical to the one shown above but here we have:
-the #1218 engine (which has no headlight - by design)
-Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Ry RPO car
-Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Ry Coach
-American Flyer Lines Observation. 

On both of these AF sets, the observation car is lettered for American Flyer Lines but the color scheme is definitely Milwaukee Road!

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