Friday, July 29, 2022

CIRCUS TIME, TRAIN TIME: April 1st 2022 Circus Parade in Deer Crest on the Edge of Town Layout

Hey guys and gals, let's have some fun with all these circus toys! :-) 

Back in April I was getting just as antsy wanting to post circus toys on Y'allTube as I was to start posting them here on the blog, so for a few weeks I just went at it full speed ahead and did what I could with the limited amount of space available. If you've been following the blog for any amount of time, you'll knoew that my Edge of Town micro-layout has been host to a number of events or has seen a number of themes play out on it. After so many years having this layout, it was finally time to see what I could do to bring the circus to the little town of Deer Crest. Pulling ou wagons, figures, and anything else that would fit into the small space I came up with this scenario:

Just out of camera sight to the south are farmer's fields. These were used as a staging area for the circus wagons, while others were still on flat cars on the siding. The other performers were staged there as well. The parade then marched in a general northwest direction through the edge of Deer Crest. Once crossing the railroad tracks it would head a few hundred feet up the road, and turn right onto Main Street where most of the citizenry would enjoy the parade. After passing through Deer Crest (it's not a very large town), the parade would end up at the circus tent erected just north of town on an empty lot. Enjoy! Opa Fritz

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