Monday, July 11, 2011

K-Line #K-4102 7-11 Convenience Store

Today is July 11, 2011, or 7-11-11, or if you write it the military way, 11-7-11. A fun little juxtaposition of numbers. Sooooo, I figured that today being 7-11 and all we would feature a 7-11 - store that is. For nearly a year now I've been posting a series of train related toy reviews over at the MarxTrains Yahoo Discussion Group. The reviews have been covering K-Line, the company founded by Maury Klein shortly after the demise of the Louise Marx Co. Maury Klein had been able to secure much of the tooling for the old Marx line of plastic railroad buildings and accessories. His company at first re-issued them as fairly straight forward repos but gradually new and modified tooling was added to take the line to a new level. Today's building is an example of that and is what I call a 'hybrid'. It uses the original roof, back wall, and sides from the old Marx Super Market kit but K-Line has added an entirely different front wall - in this case a clear plastic piece meant to represent the large glass window front on real '7-11' stores. The more modern update means that this building may not fit in well on layouts with a pre-1960s or 70s theme.  Still, it’s an attractive piece and gives railroaders some modern options for their pikes.  Enjoy!

Figures and accessories:  None with this kit (most K-Line kits had figures with them but some did not)

K-Line logo:  “K-LINE” in bold capital letters on rear of façade.