Monday, December 12, 2011

Big Lots 2011 Christmas Cookie Tin - Bakery

For some time now, Monday's on Toys & Stuff has been reserved for Marx tin litho buildings and accessories, but in keeping with the season we're going to feature a little something different the next few weeks. The collecting of metal cookie tins has long been popular and when the lithography mimics buildings and structures it is easy to assemble a tin-litho cookie tin putz. Now, instead of a glitter house, or ceramic building putz around the Christmas tree, one has the option of putting down cookie tins. (in point of fact, not all tins start as cookie tins, as some were meant to hold other commodities).  Today we feature tins sold at 'Big Lots' discount stores this year. There are four tins in the set at $5/tin. Inside are bags of cookies made by Royal Dansk of Denmark. The buildings are made by the same company which made last year's Wal-Mart tins (see Toys & Stuff blog for 23 December 2010) but feature different designs. We'll feature a different tin each week for four weeks and will start today with the Bakery. Enjoy!

Store Display