Friday, February 21, 2020

TRAIN TIME: The Edge of Town Layout Gets a Makeover - Pt 9 More New Buildings, A Hill, and Running Trains

Hey guys and gals, sorry to be so late in posting again. My habit of procrastinating kicked in again! Actually I've been busy as heck working on my small Edge of Town (EoT) toy train layout but all my updates have been in the various fb groups I'm in and of course Y'allTube :-)  

I've changed the name of this series a little because the EoT makeover isn't 'starting' to get a makeover, it is in full swing. By now I've added another new building, this time a Woodland Scenics Ready Built Rustic Cabin which has a porch light designed for Woodland Scenics Just Plug system but I haven't yet hooked it up. It's beautifully done and adds a lot of charm to this area of the layout. In the past, this area has been home to a K-Line 'L'-shaped Ranch House, Plasticville Log Cabin, and a variety of structures as I would set up the layout in different themes over the years. Over the past several weeks I've been running different train sets an swapping out vehicles at whim - you know, just having fun!

One of the goals of this rejuvenation project was to add a little more scenery. To that end I started by cutting two pieces of 2" thick Styrofoam into a rough 'L' shape - a bit over sized for the area it was to go on -  then glued them together. Once dry, I whittled the assembly down to fit the space and glued them to the layout top.

Enjoy! Opa Fritz

I was running a Lionel Iron Horse Freight Set No. 6-11703 for about a week...

Then I ran this Lionel Santa Fe Freight Set #6-11900 for another week...

...the started running a Marx Steam Freight Set, No. 4355/1 for another week...

Here's the hill glued to the layout top. It needs a bit more work :-)

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